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Meet the hedge fund guy backing Hong Kong protests

Business News - 21 min 15 sec ago
One of the most prominent leaders of Hong Kong's democracy movement is not a student, academic or professional protester. He used to work for a hedge fund.

Mayor: Up to 20 people being monitored in U.S. Ebola case

CNN - 41 min 59 sec ago
America's first diagnosed Ebola victim is contained, but three things are still spreading: fear, frustration and the search for his contacts.
Categories: National News

Wonder Woman, Jesus and Obama via for votes in Brazil

CNN World - 49 min 55 sec ago
Forget kissing babies, to win office in Brazil you may have to leap a building in a single bound.
Categories: International News

Turkey to vote today on joining fight against ISIS

CNN World - 53 min 8 sec ago
Is a possible threat to an ancient tomb at the heart of Turkey's debate whether to step up its role in the fight against ISIS?
Categories: International News

India's human waste removers

CNN World - 53 min 23 sec ago
I normally don't dwell on what I am going to wear before I go on a shoot. It's usually something presentable, comfortable and preferably in a bright "TV" color that makes my cameraman Rajesh happy.
Categories: International News


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