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Beware Bullies: NCUHS Puts Bullies in the Spotlight

May 16, 2012

NEWPORT, VT - Bullying and harassment of students are coming under greater scrutiny, says Orleans Essex North Supervisory Union Superintendent Dr. Robert Kerr at the recent North Country Union High School Board Meeting.
Responding in part to the school's disciplinary process for student offenses, Kerr noted that, under law, schools can be held liable if they do not report and intervene when a charge of bullying occurs.
The issue of bullying has been around for a long time, admitted administrator Bob Davis, “It's scary stuff - nasty, nasty stuff. Even if it happens outside of school hours, we still have to respond to it.”
Davis said there are different approaches to dealing with reports of bullying. Sometimes the parties are able to work out their differences with guidance from a mediator, but that is not always the appropriate solution, Davis advised the Board.
When a report of bullying occurs, a letter is sent home to the parents of the accused child along with a copy of the school's policy on bullying. That action will be recorded on the student's personal record.
Board member Richard Nelson brought up the issue of cyber bullying, in which students use the Internet to harass their peers. “Some of this bullying... I have no tolerance for, it's just blatantly bad. How is the school dealing with it?”
Davis responded by agreeing that there are times when you “put a kid in touch with an electronic device, it separates them from a social check in what you may text. It gets out of control.”
A school psychologist is one of several team members who are called upon to help resolve bullying or harassment issues. Any student or parent of a student who believes their child is being bullied can report the incident to any school administrator or faculty member, who is required to file a report to the principal and superintendent. All administrators and faculty members are mandated by law to report allegations of abuse.
In other news, Dr. Kerr stated that a mediation session to resolve contract issues with the teachers union has not yet been scheduled. A tentative date to begin mediation next week fell through when the federal mediator was unable to attend. A new date will be set in the near future.


As NCUHS concentrates on the

May 19, 2012 by rlm0921 (not verified), 2 years 26 weeks ago
Comment: 452

As NCUHS concentrates on the bullying problem that is apparent in that school maybe they should also concentrate on taking action against the kids that LIE about being bullied and the parents that encourage their kids to lie about it..YES people, there are parents that do that! I know it's hard to believe but some parents just want to further their own agenda and what a wonderful way to do it...jump right on the "Bully Train". All students should have to accept responsibility for their actions....ALL STUDENTS, not just a select few! Parents who also try to CONVINCE their child that they are being bullied should have to deal with the consequences of their actions! They are just as guilty as the bullies!! Wake's not a 1 sided story! Bullying is WRONG and should be addressed BUT the false accusations of bullying also need to be addressed! ~Just something to consider~

This school is way out of

May 17, 2012 by karenm (not verified), 2 years 27 weeks ago
Comment: 451

This school is way out of touch of what is happening right underneath their noses. When I asked for a copy of all of my reports to the school about the bullying, I received a very small packet that was missing all of my emails..So if the emails were not filed in my sons folder, what could lead me to beleive that those incidents were even reported properly as they are supposed to be. i dont beleive a word of anything that comes out of the administrators mouths..they also blame the sick of the coverups in this school


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