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February 4, 2013

Grant Spates, candidate for Derby Select Board. Courtesy photo

DERBY – Local businessman Grant Spates is an experienced member of many different boards and now he would like to be a member of the Derby Select Board. Long-time member Karen Jenne has opted to not seek re-election for a three-year seat, leaving an open place.
In a recent interview, Spates was critical of some of Jenne’s actions as a board member. Jenne was an opponent of the proposed industrial-sized wind turbines on two farms in town.
Spates said she should have kept her personal opinions on the back burner as an elected official and he questioned the appropriateness of Jenne’s actions. Spates said he would support a town-wide vote on residents’ opinions of wind turbines, and thinks the vote should occur at Town Meeting. He feels that if surveys were mailed out instead, only people who feel passionate would return them.
For more on Grant Spates' run for a seat on the Derby Select Board, see Tuesday's edition of the Newport Daily Express for Feb. 5, 2013.


The Old Boys Club is Alive and Well

February 5, 2013 by Voice-Of-Truth (not verified), 1 year 41 weeks ago
Comment: 930

Firstly, Mr Spates remark that Ms Jenne should keep her opinions to herself because she is an elected official, doesn't hold water. Both the Chairman of the Selectboard Brain Smith and Zoning Admin/Town Administrator Bob Kelly have on many occasions voiced their pro-wind comments at public meetings. Both Mr Kelly and Mr Smith gave verbal testimony supporting Industrial Wind Turbines at the public hearing held by the Public Service Board at Derby Elementary School. Secondly, the Town of Derby has absolutely no setbacks from residential structures in place, no health effect studies, and no property devaluation studies. The proposal to erect a 40 story structure on rolling farmland less than one mile from 500 residential structures and an international boundary is ludicrist. Mr Spates has demonstrated all the reasons why he is NOT a good candidate for the Selectboard, he has sunk to a level of empty criticisum. He demonstrates he cannot be trusted to always act with the town resident's interest in mind. Mr Spates is a contractor, his opine is tainted with self interest. Yep, the Old Boys Club is alive and well. Conversely, Ms Jenne conducts her decisions based on what is best for the Town of Derby citizens, after she has researched and educated herself on issues. The major consideration regarding a Selectboard person is will they represent the citizens in a knowledgeable manner without self interest or back room politics, Ms Jenne has always conducted herself in that manner. For the residents of the Town of Derby, remember when you place your vote, it is about who will serve you, not how many boards they have been on, not how much money they have, not who they know, but who they will serve!


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