3 Years Deferred for Trapping Ex

NEWPORT CITY – On Wednesday, Judge Robert Bent handed down a three year deferred sentence to Matthew Farnsworth, 25, of Newport, who pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of domestic assault and a felony charge of second-degree unlawful restraint.On Dec. 14, 2010, a woman went to the Newport Police Department to report that she had been assaulted by her ex-boyfriend, Farnsworth, at his apartment. She said she used to live at the apartment with Farnsworth and still had personal property there.She told police she went to the apartment to talk to Farnsworth about getting her name off of the lease so she could move into another place. She said they talked for a while and things went fine, but she got frustrated and decided to leave. Based on the woman's statement, the following events allegedly took place.Farnsworth, who wanted her to stay and continue talking, stood in front of the door and prevented her from leaving. The woman told Farnsworth that he had a minute to say what he wanted and then move out of her way. Farnsworth still would not move out of the way, so the woman said that if he didn’t let her leave she would call 911. Farnsworth still would not let her leave, so she decided to try to leave through a basement exit, but Farnsworth followed her, pushed her, and locked the door she had just unlocked. The woman then attempted to exit from the original door, but Farnsworth grabbed her arm. She tried to call 911, but Farnsworth took her phone away from her and would not return it. When she tried to grab for her phone, Farnsworth pushed her. The woman kept trying to grab for it and Farnsworth kept pushing her and slapped her hands while still blocking the exit. The woman pushed Farnsworth again and he pushed her into the bedroom and tried restraining her on the bed. She started to push and hit Farnsworth and was able to grab her phone out of his pocket. She tried to leave again, and again Farnsworth blocked her entrance.The woman told police that she went to her son’s bedroom where she wanted to barricade herself and call for help but Farnsworth got to the door before she could close it and slammed it open into her side. When she tried to leave the room, Farnsworth slammed the door shut on her leg. The woman screamed for the upstairs neighbors to come, but Farnsworth still would let her leave. She was able to leave the room when he went to check on his crying daughter. As she got to the front door, Farnsworth came up behind her yelling and she took off as fast she could. The woman called a friend after she left, who told her to stop and call the police. The woman also told police that her leg hurt where the door hit her and the back of her head hurt from when Farnsworth initially opened her son’s bedroom door to get after her.According to court records, Farnsworth told Officers Gary Fournier and Travis Bingham that he and the woman got into an argument. He allegedly admitted that he slammed a bedroom door on her leg.The defendant will essentially be on probation for the next three years. If he completes this period without incident, the charges will be dismissed.