30 Years Up Close with the Boston Celtics - It All Started In Vermont For Jeff Twiss

NEWPORT, VT – Jeff  Twiss made it back to his roots on Saturday night. The Boston Celtics' Vice President of Media Services, and now a 30-year veteran of the Celtic family, Twiss made his way back to Newport as he spoke at the annual Orleans County Northern Essex County Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet at Newport’s American Legion Hall. His father, Bob Twiss, who accompanied Jeff, is a 2008 Hall of Fame inductee who still resides in Orleans County, making his home in Craftsbury.Twiss spent his first few years in Newport before attending Vergennes high school and graduating from UVM in 1977. Following a three-year stint at Randolph High School as a teacher and three-sport coach, Twiss caught on with the Boston Celtic after earning his Master's at UMass Amherst.Twiss stopped into the offices at the Newport Daily Express with his dad Bob before heading to the Hall of Fame Banquet this past Saturday evening. I had met Jeff in 1987 while covering the Celtics for the Express. You do not get into a Celtic's contest through their media department without getting cleared by Jeff’s office. That goes for the Newport Daily Express or the Boston Globe. Twiss gave some great insight to the job and his career during a 30-minute interview.Twiss remembers back to the '70’s days in high school. He said, “As a player in high school, I wanted the team to do well. I wasn’t in it for All American status or individual achievement. Of the three sports I played, I felt most comfortable playing basketball. My freshman coach at Vergennes, Ken Leonard, felt it was very important to be in shape. We would run for two weeks before even touching a basketball. I swear, for the first ten days, we never saw a ball. He really instilled in us the whole conditioning concept. I think it turned out okay.”Twiss earned varsity letters in three sports. “I played soccer at Vergennes, I was a keeper, a forward in basketball, and a first baseman in baseball. In my senior year in baseball, my left knee kind of gave out and that of took me out of  playing as I missed my whole baseball season senior year. At Randolph high school I coached all three sports in all seasons.” For Jeff Twiss it’s been an exciting and fulfilling road. He had a plan and has followed it with this season being his 30th with the Celts. I asked his 86 year old dad, Bob if he thought Jeff has done alright? He replied with a sparkle in his eye. “I think he must have. He’s been there long enough and he’s still there.”