Artist of the Week: Colleen Cole

Staff Writer

Pictures capture a moment in time, and for many, an old picture can better represent a joyous time better than a thousand-word essay.
A picture can also represent troubled times or times when things were a lot more complicated.
For photographer Colleen Cole, pictures have represented both the best of times and the worst of times.
We caught up with Colleen to find out how the events of her childhood helped shape the photo artist she has become today.
“When I was 3 years old, that's when the fascination with photographs began,” Cole said on how she became interested in the world of photography and pictures. “I have very vivid first memories of visiting family and friends and needing to see their photo albums. The older ones, with the sticky paper. One day at a yard sale, my father allowed me to get a 117mm film camera. It was black, and ironically had my initials on it; same as the company. That moment shaped my life.”
As happy as those moments were, a darker presence also left a lasting mark.