Artist of the Week: Tod Pronto

Mike Olmstead
Sports Editor

If you are a fan of music in the Northeast Kingdom, then the name Tod Pronto should sound familiar.
The singer-songwriter, who also serves as the executive director for NEK-TV, has been performing around the NEK and beyond since he was still in high school.
You also might be familiar with him from his time on the radio with the Moo 92 Wake Up Crew with Tod and Deveney.
Tod started off as a singer in a local band, using his poetry as a foundation for his songwriting.
From there he would start to learn to play the guitar and that planted the seeds that eventually blossomed into the performer that Pronto is today.
We caught up with Tod to understand a little more about his musical history and find out how he became the artist that he is today.
For the full story, see the Express on 9-23-2020.