Beebe Plain Man Held Without Bail on Multiple Felony Assault on Minor Charges

Staff Writer

A Beebe Plains was is being held without bail for multiple charges including felony aggravated sexual assault on minors. Christian Almodovar, 31, was brought before Judge H.E. VanBenthuysen on Wednesday and was uncooperative with his lawyer and the judge. He did not speak and kept his head on the table through the proceedings. Defense Attorney Trudy Miller asked for implementation of the 24- hour rule, and stated that she would like her client to be seen by a mental health professional. State's attorney Jennifer Barrett addressed the court, asking that the defendant be held without bail due to the seriousness of the charges. The judge granted the 24 hour rule, and denied bail.Barrett asserted that Almodovar's actions in court were an act. (Read full story Thursday)