Benita and Ron Benson - 60 Years of Marriage  

Christopher Roy
Staff Writer

If you need proof that true love does exist, look no further than Benita and Ron Benson. The longtime Newport City residents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on January 23.
The couple's daughters, Rhonda Bullis and Susan Groff, hosted a gathering for them at the United Church of Newport. The Bensons also plan to have a special dinner at the Derby Line Village Inn.
The couple met while Ron was stationed at Otis Air Force Base on Cape Cod. Ron explained that he and Benita's sister, Edith, were in the same squadron and a mutual friend introduced them. Edith went on one date with Ron as a courtesy, but she had an interest in someone else. Shortly after that date, Ron met Benita when she visited the base to see Edith.

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