NEWPORT, VT - Scott Britch and his son Justin call it a day of ice fishing on South Bay on Lake Memphremagog. Scott said he started fishing when he was five years old – over 40 years ago.  "My grandfather use to fish off the Long Bridge," he recalls.  The pair are fishing for perch and at some point during the season will fish for Northern Pike. Ice conditions were not as good Saturday as they were three weeks ago, according to Scott, "There was 1 1/2 inches of black ice. It was better than it is now. There's 4 inches of ice now, but it's bad, white ice, it's not safe."  An attempt by another party to drag an ice shanty onto South Bay on Saturday resulted in a shortened day for Scott and Justin. The shanty cracked the ice and flooded the area where the they were fishing."There's a couple of inches of water on top of the ice; you get nervous," admits Britch. "You have to know when it's safe to put a shack on the ice."