Big Hits and Bold Outfits, Roller Derby Debuts at IROC

DERBY–The Northeast Kingdom Roller Derby women made their debut with an exhibition at IROC on Saturday evening.The seven Busted Cupcake skaters played host to the Upper Valley Vixens from Enfield, NH and the Twin City Riot from Barre, introducing the sport of Roller Derby to Kingdom residents."I think it went really well," Ellen "Poison" Apple, Captain of the Cupcakes and League President, said of the evening.The three squads split into two teams for the friendly exhibition match, and spectators on hand were intrigued by the action."This is my first time seeing roller derby. It was a little confusing going in, but it is entertaining," said Taylor Bergeron.“It is very empowering for women," said Derby resident Meg Norman, "I enjoy that it is setting up role models for young women. My own daughter is here and it is nice to see strong powerful women who are not afraid to kick some butt."The evening kicked off with a brief explanation before the action got underway.Once the skating got going, their were some bruising hits, speedy skating and smiles all around from the skaters.Said Apple, "I don't think people know how tight the (roller) derby community is. Tonight everyone came together and helped make it a success."The evening also featured live music from the local musicians The AV Club, who are also new to the sport."I don't completely understand what's happening, but it is quite interesting," said Devlin Byrn.Dylan Bidwell added, "It was my first time and it was exhilarating, although I am not sure how the game is played."While their seemed to be a lot of confusion for the first time attendees, Apple hopes that familiarity will breed recognition."The purpose of this event was to share roller derby with the people of Newport and Derby, to show them what it is all about," she said. "Once you understand it, you can see the method in the madness."Apple herself was unable to compete because she is expecting, but was hands on in the action, coaching the white team on Saturday.The Cupcakes will be hosting two recruiting/informational sessions in the upcoming days, the first being this Wednesday from 7-9, the second on Saturday from 9-11. Both meeting will be held at IROC.For more information you can check out their website, or like them on Facebook at you are interested in checking out the AV Club, they will be appearing Saturday April 28th at Parker Pie in Glover