Caffrey Shines at World Flowboarding Championship

Mike Olmstead
Staff Writer

In many ways North Country’s Monica Caffrey is your average run of the mill high school student.
She attends her classes, has an after school job, and competes for the school’s snowboarding team, typical high school age stuff.
Then there is this other thing that she does, flowboarding, or as it is sometimes called, flowriding.
For those that are not familiar with the sport, flowboarding is a hybrid board sport, which has been evolving since the 1980’s. The sport combines the progression, maneuvers and skills from the core action sports of skateboarding, surfing, bodyboarding and snowboarding and to a lessor extent, wakeboarding and skimboarding.
Monica is a flowrider, and to say that she is quite good at the sport is a bit of an understatement.
The sixteen year-old competed in the Flowboarding World Championships over the weekend of November 9th in the Dominican Republic at the FlowRider Surf House in Punta Cana where she represented Team USA in the women’s stand up division.
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