Car Trashed in the Night

CHARLESTON – In the middle of the night June 24 Charleston residents were awakened by loud sounds outside their home. Looking out the window Mary and Alan Esposito saw what appeared to be someone breaking into their vehicle. Alan Esposito ran outside and found a man thrashing a vehicle with concrete pavers, a lawn mower, and his children’s toys from the front lawn. The alleged perpetrator John Hinton, 23, of Derby saw the homeowner and tried to run-off, but the Alan Esposito chased him down, and tackled him. Meanwhile another resident called the police. Outside Hinton was held down for about 30 minutes until state police arrived at about 3:30 a.m. according to the Espositos.Hinton was intoxicated states a press release issued by Trooper Ben Shelp. Hinton was taken into custody, and brought to Northern State Correctional Facility to detox, and then released according to the report.A party approximately 1,000 feet from the purported victim’s home was taking place that night. Hinton allegedly left the party before the rampage on the vehicle.Police are charging Hinton with unlawful mischief. He was cited to appear in Orleans County Criminal Court September 4.The homeowners say damage is estimated at over $15,000. A preschool age child living at the home also was awakened by the incident, and looked out the window. He seems traumatized from the event, the Espositos said. The homeowners remain frustrated by the incident and the fallout.