NEWPORT CITY – Proposed business and residential development in the greater Newport area has delighted many people, but others are concerned about the negative effects.Nick Ecker Racz of Glover told lawmakers and other officials during a public hearing held at the North Country Career Center Tuesday that the development will bring in more money, which means more illegal drugs. Reed Olsen, of Newport City, a first generation farmer, said Walmart may not fix poverty or make lives better. Many Walmart employees, because of low wages, qualify for public assistance and other government programs, he said. There are places other than Pick & Shovel Hardware to buy clothing and there could have been a locally owned store, Olsen said.Not everyone at the meeting was upset about development. Eleanor Leger from the Eden Ice Cider Company, told legislators that some business owners are excited about development in the region. She said a foreign trade zone would be very beneficial. For more of this story, read Wednesday's edition of the Newport Daily Express for Feb. 6, 2013.