Clutch Free Throw Shooting Late Seals Lake Region’s 61-52 Win Over BFA Fairfax

Mike Olmstead
Sports Editor

The Lake Region Rangers picked up their third win of the season on Saturday afternoon, as they defeated the Fairfax Bullets 61-52.
“I saw that resilience, and I’ve seen that all season they can play at a high level,” said LR coach James Ingalls. “BFA is a quality club, and we controlled the game until those moments in the fourth quarter, and that was attributed to the energy level my guys brought. I thought they brought it for thirty-two full minutes, where as in some other games we lost it here and there. They showed their mental toughness and they realize what is on the line in the next eight games. We’ve got to put up some W’s. Hopefully this opens the door for a couple more wins before we are done.”
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