Combating Poor Health In Orleans County

Staff Writer

Orleans County has once again been ranked as the least healthy of all 14 counties in the state. How to make the area healthier was discussed during the Community Commons meeting held at the Gateway Center Wednesday evening, December 21. Barbara Morrow facilitated the gathering. Reasons considered for the ranking include lack of exercise, poor diet, smoking, seasonal effective disorder, isolation, and low income.
The Vermont Department of Health recently started the 3-4-50 campaign. The three stands for the specific behaviors that result in four diseases that cause more than 50 percent of the deaths in Vermont, Morrow explained. The three behaviors are lack of physical activity, poor diet, and tobacco use that all could result in cancer, heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes and lung disease. Those four diseases create more than 50 per cent of the deaths in Vermont, she said.
Lack of adequate fresh produce along with poor exercise habits and smoking were all considered as reasons for the poor health outcomes. Colleen Moore De Ortiz of the Vermont Department of Health said the findings could point to what people do with their leisure time, and that many have little free time.