Corliss Gets 5-15 Years for 8 Burglaries and Other Crimes

NEWPORT - Daniel Corliss of Newport has been sentenced for a series of break-ins, the theft of multiple items, and violating his conditions of release. The convictions includes eight burglaries of occupied dwellings, three counts of petit larceny, five counts of grand larceny, as well as a violation of his probation.The thefts began in early 2009 when several homeowners on Pine Hill called the police in mid-February to report their homes had been burglarized. The list of stolen items included a laptop computer, MP3 player, 40 games, a Wii, and X-Box games. Rene and Martha Pepin and Frank and Donna Cheney were the first homeowners to report thefts.A neighbor, Sue Nelson, recalled someone backed up to her garage on February 18, 2009, and became stuck. Nelson reported to the police that she helped to free them and after hearing about the break-ins, believed the people in the vehicle may have been involved in the theft. Nelson was later able to recognize Corliss in a photo line up.Mary Ann Fletcher reported she saw a red car parked in Cheney's driveway the day of the incident. Witness reports enabled law enforcement officers to execute a search warrant at the Corliss home and recover 43 items taken from seven homes. In addition, police discovered regulated drugs in Corliss' possession and he was charged for the offense.Corliss was originally placed on probation in December 2009 but violated conditions when he was caught attempting to steal beer from Vista grocery store in Newport. The incident occurred on August 13 of this year. Corliss violated conditions because he was not allowed to possess or consume alcohol, as well as for being charged with petit larceny. An alco-sensor test following his apprehension was .185% BAC.For the multiple charges that were settled this week, Corliss will serve 2-5 years, concurrent with each other, suspended, with 10 months and 27 days served. This sentence will apply to most of the charges, however other charges including possession of a controlled substance and the probation violation will add 3-10 years to run consecutively to the initial sentence. That led to an overall sentence of 5-15 years with credit for time served.The sentence includes an order for Corliss to participate in the Discovery Program for people engaged in alcohol and drug recovery. The program is located at the Caledonia Work Camp in St Johnsbury.