Cracking Down On Illegal Dumping In Derby

Staff Writer

The Town of Derby is going to start cracking down on illegal dumping and burning. An ordinance set to take effect this week will make it illegal for any person, business or corporation to enter the recycling facility, located on Route 5/105 when it is not open. Depositing, dumping or leaving refuse of any kind at the facility, except when it is open will no longer be allowed and violators will face steep fines.
“We’ve had some issues with illegal dumping,” said Derby Select Board vice-chairman Brian Smith. “We’ve had people dumping off televisions and stuff like at our recycling center. If people know they have something we can’t take, they’d go in on a day off and dump it there so they don’t have to pay to dispose of it.” Burning debris without a permit is also now prohibited. Read more in the Newport Daily Express.