Daily Update on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) July 6, 2020

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Daily Update on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
July 6, 2020
Keep up COVID-19 prevention
The beginning of July has seen record numbers of COVID-19 cases in parts of the United States. While our efforts have been critical to slowing the virus’ spread, the national trend shows that our progress can be fragile. We all want to keep Vermont healthy and open, and for that to happen we need everyone to continue to take prevention seriously.
Keep up those simple actions to prevent the spread of COVID-19:
Wear a face mask when around others if you are able
Keep 6 feet apart
Wash your hands frequently
Stay home when you’re sick
Bring a mask with you when you leave home to help slow the spread of COVID-19. The virus can spread before a person has any symptoms. A mask helps protect others around you if you are infected and don’t know it. You still need to stay at least 6 feet away from people you don’t live with, even when wearing a mask.
Heat and Humidity on the Way
Summer heat is back in the forecast. So stay cool and hydrated, and listen to your body to prevent heat-related illness.
Check on older adults and people with chronic medical conditions or disabilities, who are generally at higher risk during hot weather, especially if they live alone or don’t have air conditioning. And NEVER leave children, people with disabilities or pets inside a parked vehicle when it's hot.
Learn more about how to stay safe when it’s hot out.
Protest Safely and Get Tested
We support Vermonters engaging in peaceful protests and other civic activities to make their voices heard. Please remember that large gatherings do pose a greater risk for virus exposure.
So please follow universal precautions when you are out – wear a face covering or mask if you can when near others, maintain 6-foot distance, and if you're sick, find actions to make yourself heard from home.
We encourage anyone who is participating in a public action to get tested for COVID-19. Learn more about how to get tested.
New on healthvermont.gov
The department launched a new webpage with COVID-19 translated resources ─ including mask guidance for adults and children, tips for large households, understanding your test results and more: healthvermont.gov/covid19-translations. The page allows sorting by title, topic, translated language name or English language name.
Case Information
Current COVID-19 Activity in Vermont
As of 12 p.m. on July 6, 2020
Total cases* 1,251 (2 new)
Currently hospitalized 1
Hospitalized under investigation 23
Total people recovered 1,022 Deaths+ 56
People tested 70,353
Travelers monitored 1,727 Contacts monitored 48
People completed monitoring 2,375
* Includes testing conducted at the Health Department Laboratory, commercial labs and other public health labs.
+ Death occurring in persons known to have COVID-19. Death certificate may be pending.
Hospitalization data is provided by the Vermont Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Coalition and is based on hospitals updating this information.
Find more at the data dashboard: healthvermont.gov/currentactivity.
Get Tested for COVID-19
People who want to be tested can contact their health care provider for a referral. Tests are conducted at a number of sites throughout the state. There are also urgent care centers offering testing.
Additionally, the Health Department is continuing to open pop-up sites for people who do not have symptoms of COVID-19 to be tested for the virus. Pop-up sites are currently scheduled through July, and operate from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Learn more about how to get tested.
Guidance for Vermonters

· If you are having a medical emergency, call 9-1-1 or go to the hospital.
· If you are having even mild symptoms of COVID-19, call your health care provider.
· Maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet and wear a mask when near others.