Dead Cows in Brownington Investigated

Staff Writer

BROWNINGTON – More than a dozen dead animals were found at a farm owned by the Steele family.
Geoff and Renee Falconer went to the farm where they found 18-20 cows in the barn that were starved to death and frozen to the ground. He does not know how long they had been there.
"The manure was over my knee," he said. "I'm a grown man, I've been around cows a long time and seeing what those animals have gone through brought tears to my eyes. There were three pigs alive that were so hungry that they killed the chickens and ate them."
Renee who is a humane officer for the state, primarily in Orleans and Essex Counties, said she is collecting information, statements, and evidence and is working with Callie Field from the state police to possibly pursue animal cruelty charges. However, according to Renee, there is not a lot of evidence remaining there. (Read more in the Newport Daily Express)