Debonville Sentenced for Drug Deals

NEWPORT CITY – Judge Robert Bent Tuesday sentenced William Debonville, 43 of Island Pond, to serve one to three years in prison for the sale of cocaine. He was also assessed $141 in fees. Two felony charges for the sale of a depressant/stimulant/narcotic were dismissed by the state.Newport City Police Officer Seth DiSanto wrote in an affidavit that the Vermont Drug Task Force, where DiSanto serves as a detective, launched an investigation of the distribution of narcotics in the Orleans County area during the week of Jan. 20, 2010. The investigation was based on a cooperating individual who was willing to provide drug related information in exchange for a small payment.The individual told police that Debonville identified himself as the owner of First Based Collectibles, a Pawn Shop at 189 Main Street in Newport City. On Jan. 20, 2010, the individual told police that he made a telephone call to Debonville to ask if he had orange or white DVDs, which is the code name for Suboxone. On Jan. 20, 2010, members of the Vermont Drug Task Force formulated a plan to conduct a controlled purchase, where the individual would go to the shop to purchase Suboxone. Debonville sold the individual two orange tablets for $40. The individual met with police and gave them two six-sided peach colored tablets with “N8” written on one side and a Sword logo on the other side. Around Jan. 20, 2010, DiSanto instructed the individual to call Debonville to inquire about the availability of cocaine. The task force developed a plan where the individual would enter the store and purchase cocaine from Debonville. After the purchase, the informant met with police and handed over a small plastic bag that contained a white powdery substance that later tested positive for the presence of cocaine. Court records state the informant purchased the five grams of cocaine from Debonville for $50.On March 26, 2010, the task force developed on plan that had the individual purchase Suboxone and or Ritalin from Debonville. The informant had asked Debonville for Suboxone, but was told that the defendant no longer had that that drug but did have Ritalin, which cost $50 for four tablets. After the purchase, the individual gave police a small manila envelope that contained four tablets with Dan/20 inscribed on the side and 5884 on the other. Police identified the pills as Ritalin. Debonville had been implicated in a Dec. 2, 2004, robbery and kidnapping of a store clerk at the Ammex Duty Free Store in Derby Line.