Derby Hair Salon Temporarily Closes Due to Possible COVID 19 Exposure

Staff Writer

Salon C'est Beau temporarily closed on Wednesday after its owner, Linda Nadeau learned that she came in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. The salon is located on the Derby Road.
Nadeau said on Friday that a close family member who had been in the salon for a few minutes was going in for surgery and received the positive test result. She stressed the person had zero symptoms.
"We immediately shut the salon down because she did not want to spread it any further," Nadeau said. "We posted (online) that we were shut down because of potential exposure."
Nadeau said her results that came back Friday morning were negative, and her staff members are waiting for their results. The family member will also be retested to make sure it was not a false-positive.
"We're trying to figure this out," she said. "It has really disrupted our lives."
Nadeau plans to quarantine at home, practice social distancing, and stay away from the family member. She will be retested in seven days and does not plan to return to work for at least 14 days.
"I'm taking every precaution possible," Nadeau said. "We are following all state guidelines. We wear masks, and we sanitize between each client. We are trying to do the right thing."
Nadeau, who said that contact tracing is 48 hours, noted that they are not trying to hide anything. The salon informed its clients through social media. When they reopen, the salon will require all clients to wear masks. Staff were already doing that.