Deslandes Students Excels at States’ in Johnson

Deslandes Blue Wave Tae Kwon Do Academy attended the spring championships held at Johnson State College on April 14th. These students went and had a good day of competition and came home with 15 medals total and a bike! They range from the young age of 5 all they way up to adult age. The students went and competed in 3 events, Forms, Breaking and Sparring and showed very good sportsmanship while doing so. The competitors train in Newport weekly attending class from 1 to 3 times a week. Classes are offered on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights for ages 4 and up. Feel Free to come and observe, and try out class for free! We have a special running till the end of April, sign up now for only $25 dollars a month for your first 6 months!!! Please Call for information at 673-8162.