Difficulties In Recovery of Body, National Guard Called To Assist

Staff Writer

During a search for Tyler Robinson police found a body in steep terrain near Mount Pisgah in Westmore Monday. Due to the treacherous terrain, search and rescue were unable to recover the body and police announced that the National Guard and other technical experts were sought to advise on the best way to recover the body. It is unclear if the person found is Robinson, 23, of Orleans, who went missing Friday.
Police say that the recovery may not happen until Thursday. “The extreme nature of the terrain, the equipment and expertise needed to access the area in which the individual is located will require other agencies to assist in the recovery.”
The individual is located approximately 300 feet down a precipice, and 200 feet up from the bottom of the drop-off, resting on a rock shelf.
While positive ID has not yet occurred, the family of Tyler Robinson has been advised of the process underway to recover the individual. This situation will be updated as the recovery effort progresses.
Investigators have no evidence or information to suspect foul play in this incident. If anyone has any information to provide, they are asked to call the Vermont State Police at 802-334-8881.