Dunlavey Students Challenge Mind and Body

Staff ReportsTae Kwon Do students at Dunlavey’s Black Belt Academy recently went through a rigorous testing that involved both verbal and physical knowledge. Students earned their new rank by demonstrating proficiency in verbal knowledge, self defense, memorized patterns, board breaking and sparring appropriate for their rank. They demonstrated these skills in front of a panel of black belts. Students earning new rank included: Tommy Bailey-Rowe – Yellow; Meredith Beals – High Yellow; Cooper Couture – Yellow; Jonathon Couture – Yellow; Caleb Delabruere – Green; Gracie Delabruere – Green; Kayden Dennis – High Yellow; Peter Gyurkovics – Yellow; Matthew Irish – High Yellow; Veronika Jedlovzky – High Green; Gordon Lodewyk – Blue; Maykaela O’Meara – Yellow; Cara Roberts – High Green; Carl Roberts – High Green; Max Roberts – High Green; Sam Roberts – High Green. The students train at the Newport Studio which is located in the same building as Awsom Gymnastics on Union Street. Classes are offered Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Walk-ins are always welcome to stop by and try two weeks of classes for free