End of the Road for Starr’s

NO. TROY - E. Starr trucking in North Troy is closed. That’s the word from Roland Bellavance, the President of Bellavance Trucking in Barre. Neither Senator Robert (Bobby) Starr nor his son Eric Starr, listed as the principal of the company on the Internet, would confirm the information. Bobby Starr did not return multiple phone calls and Eric Starr refused to comment of the company’s plans.Six of Starr’s employees, including Eric Starr, were kept on by Bellavance; others who did not want to go with the company found other jobs or retired, Bellavance said.Bellavance bought about a half dozen of Starr’s accounts and some of the equipment, Bellavance said in an interview Sunday. The equipment was moved to Terry Hill, Inc. in Milton, a company Bellavance acquired in 2009, according to its website.“I think this is going to be a good fit,” Bellavance said of “combining” with Starr’s company.Rumors circulated about E. Starr’s Trucking over the last couple of weeks, including that the company may be going bankrupt. Eric Starr said in an interview that the company was not going to file bankruptcy and was not having any problems. Asked a week and a half ago if the company was going to close, Eric Starr said that nothing was in writing and he was sick of all the rumors.Starr’s United Transportation, owned by Bobby Starr, with Eric Star listed as the financial executive, was in the news a few months ago. The Department of Labor came down of the company allegedly not meeting Workers' Compensation regulations. Starr’s Untied was ordered shut down by the courts in late December for failing to obtain Workers' Compensation insurance, even after the Department of Labor issued a stop work order, according to an order by Superior Court Judge Robert Bent.Bent issued a permanent injunction on Dec. 20 against Starr’s United, Inc., which stated that the company cannot employ workers or operate the business unless it conforms to the Vermont Workers' Compensation Act. Noncompliance with the order could result in criminal contempt and could lead to fines and even prison time.E. Starr Trucking had been cited for not having Workers' Compensation insurance during the spring of last year but that matter was reportedly resolved.Starr’s closed but purportedly joined with E. Starr trucking and kept all employees. As of early January, all workers were covered.Starr's Trucking carried freight across the United States and Canada.Bellavance Trucking has been in business for over 50 years and hauls freight, according their website.