Falcons Top Rangers 3-2 in Girls Tennis

ORLEANS-Less than ideal conditions greeted the North Country and Lake Region tennis teams on Friday afternoon.While the temperature was a very comfortable 70 degrees, the wind made play almost comical as shots, serves, volleys and rallies alike went from routine to unpredictable as the gusts wreaked havoc with the little green ball.In the end, the Falcons would win the match 3-2 to improve to 1-1 while Lake Region falls to 0-1."It is very difficult for kids to play in conditions like this," said Lake Region coach Laura Laramee"The ball never bounces where you are planning it to."When asked if maybe the match should be rescheduled, North Country coach Jody Driscoll said no, it is not raining raining so you should play, plus both sides were facing the same conditions, so neither team had a distinct advantage.For the full story, see the Express on Monday 4-22-13.