Film Features Newport Furniture Parts

NEWPORT CITY – A New York film crew and a Los Angeles director spent two days at Newport Furniture Parts last week making a promotional film. The film will be part of an online promotion for Room and Board, one of Newport Furniture Parts' customers. Room and Board will also use the film as a teaching tool in its stores. The film entails the steps of how products come into existence. The film may also be posted on You Tube. Michael Brotman, merchandise manager from Room and Board, said the video would feature the company’s creative process. Room and Board has worked with Newport Furniture Parts for four years. Newport Furniture Parts makes the company’s wooden dining room chairs, cocktail tables and end tables. Prior to working with Newport Furniture Parts, Room and Board imported many of their products from Italy.“We always wanted to make wood chairs domestically, but it was cost prohibitive for the most part,” said Brotman. That was until his company found Newport Furniture Parts. “They are able to do things better, faster, at higher quality and at a lower cost than anything we can do overseas.” Investing in technology is how Newport Furniture does it. Newport Furniture Parts also has some older technology because some products fit better on older machinery. Continued investments have always been a vision of the company, said Paul Gariepy, sales and marketing manager for Newport Furniture Parts.The film means a lot to many different people. “It’s promoting Newport Furniture and our community,” said Gariepy, who speaks highly of Room and Board. “They really care about the Newport community and the jobs we provide.”This is the first time Room and Board made such a video. Room and Board is 25 percent of Newport Furniture Parts' business. Room and Board has 10 stores in all. They are located in metropolitan areas. The company is looking at opening a store in Boston. The partnership between the two companies has worked out well for Newport Furniture Parts.“It’s been huge for us,” Gariepy said. “We’ve grown with them every single year in business. They have never had their wood chairs sell as much as they do now.”The partnership means at least 15 employees at Newport Furniture Parts and there is room for additional growth.Room and Board, based out of Minneapolis, markets the U.S. made and Vermont made products in its literature. Room and Board truly believes in the partnership concept between them and all their vendors, including Newport Furniture Parts, Gariepy said. “We are the exclusive maker of all their wood dining chairs,” Gariepy said.