Flood Watch for Vermont. Be attentive to rising rivers and streams

Staff Writer

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a Flood Watch for all of Vermont through this weekend. Rain, snowmelt, and thawing river ice could cause localized flooding in areas of Vermont from Friday evening through Sunday night.
NWS says the greatest flood threat will occur during or shortly after heavy rainfall. The flood threat will also be elevated close to rivers where there exists a potential for ice breakup and jams. Those who live near waterways should monitor water levels and seek high ground should flooding occur.
Vermonters are reminded to stay clear of any floodwaters on roads by driving safe routes that are over high ground, and never driving across a flooded road. A car can be swept away by unseen currents or due to washouts on flooded roads. Monitor traditional and social media for forecasts and other information.
NWS also says the rain and warm temperatures will weaken all ice surfaces and venturing out onto lakes and rivers is not recommended. We emphasize extreme caution as Vermont has seen multiple deaths this winter due to individuals falling through thin ice.
The Vermont Division of Emergency Management & Homeland Security and other state agencies are monitoring the weather and will staff the state Emergency Operations Center to assist communities if needed.
Cities and towns can contact the DEMHS Watch Officer through established protocols at any time should they need resources.
For weather, road, or emergency updates sent directly to your e-mail or cell phone sign up for Vermont Alert at http://www.vtalert.gov ("http://www.vtalert.gov/") .
Forecast information: www.weather.gov/btv ("http://www.weather.gov/btv") or www.weather.gov/aly ("http://www.weather.gov/aly")