Foxwood Stables in Full Operation

DERBY - The name has changed slightly but the facility is back in business. Foxwood Horse Stables in Derby, now known as Trinity Equine at Foxwood, is providing winter options for horse lovers in Orleans County.The operation has re-emerged as a cooperative run by three local horse enthusiasts: Julie Jacobs, Dawn Brainard and Lisa Spates.The Foxwood facility has plenty of room to spare. It features a lighted indoor arena that measures 200 feet by 100 feet. Spacious stalls, even a heated viewing room bring area riders all the comforts of warmer weather even in the dead of winter. Co-manager Julie Jacobs explains, “We have enough room to get five or six horses having lessons at once if need be. There’s ample room for instructors to work with the riders and their animals.”Foxwood went through a dormant stage but has been back in business for over a year.“The place was shut down for awhile and our goal was for people to be able to be indoors and ride all winter when you can’t anywhere else," Jacobs said. "We do educational programs for kids and we keep everything affordable for them. Originally Dawn Brainard, Lisa Spates and myself got in here with our own horses. We all ride and our kids ride as well. To help offset the cost, we have taken in borders and we give lessons. We’ve got several other instructors that can work out here as long as they are fully insured.”If you have a horse and want to ride or need information, you can reach one of the three by simply calling up and asking."You can call me and we accept so many borders per year," Jacobs said. Clients can board their horses at the stable, lease a horse from the owners, or sign up for lessons. "We want to keep it affordable for parents and kids who want to get involved with horses. We have a lot of adults who are just starting up and riding for the first time.”Foxwoods is a large facility with 26 spacious stalls available at the site. "We have a lot of different turnouts for the horses and if someone wants to board here we include hay, grain, daily turnout and blanketing; we do all that," Jacobs said.When they say they are a co-op, Jacobs explains, "When someone may not be able to afford a cash price, we are able to offer an exchange of services. For instance, Lisa and her husband Lee keep the place plowed. I do the basic chores. Jeremy Leblanc works here and he has a stall and storage for his horses. He works here to pay for the stall. If we are able and someone offers us a service, we will work with them in most cases. We’ll either give them a deal on their board or trailering or whatever.”The trio have been at Foxwoods since Nov. 1, 2010. Jacobs said, "We’ve been here a little over a year now and we have 18 horses right now. In the springtime, some go back to their homes because they’ve got the pasture and stuff like that, but we have seven full-time borders now. The rest are either our own horses or lesson horses or horses that we offer to lease.”The hours are very convenient for most people, Jacobs said. ”We like to keep it open 6 AM to 8 PM seven days a week. There’s somebody here every morning and every night. We don’t have people here at 11 PM at night or anything but it's pretty accessible hours. We have some really talented instructors here and we offer and welcome any discipline whether its hunter jumper, dressage, western pleasure or gaming. We do some driving here. We try to keep our options open. We really focus on quality horse care. That’s kind of our motto and our goal, quality horse care.”Trinity Equine at Foxwood Stables can help you with lessons, boarding, even birthday parties. Call 802-323-7820 for more details.