Glover Launches Hero's Scholarship Run

GLOVER - Last Saturday, the Glover Volunteer Fire Department held a 5k walk/run to raise money for a college scholarship fund. The newly formed group and the participants didn't let the storm or weekend rain dampen the spirit of the event. Though participation wasn't as high as they would have liked, the auxiliary was able to put away $300 towards their scholarship.The First Annual Glover Volunteer Fire Department Hero's Memorial Scholarship 5k Walk/Run may have a big name but it has a big job to do, said Women's Auxiliary President Diedre Stone. The purpose is to raise college money for a high school student. This year, the money will go to a local, Lake Region Union High School student, but the group hopes that in the future they will be able to provide money to multiple students and maybe to needy students in other parts of the state, Stone said.The GVFD Women's Auxiliary formed June 7 of this year. Immediately, the group decided they wanted to do something to honor the fire department and give back to the community."The Glover Fire Department is volunteer," Stone explained. "These guys spend a lot of time away from their families and give a lot to their community and other towns as well. We wanted to honor them and their families. We also wanted to do something that would benefit the community as a whole. This hero's walk/run was it."There were 16 participants this year, who raised a total of $300, Stone said. Many of the participants were from Massachusetts and Connecticut. Some were avid marathon runners. From these runners, Stone was informed the the course was very difficult due to the hilly terrain. These participants offered to help the Women's Auxiliary get the course certified as a 5k so they could advertise it as a challenging 5k course on the marathon circuit. Stone did not have the names of these participants at the time of the interview.Money for the scholarship was raised by entrance fees and tee-shirt sales. The shirts were paid for by sponsors, and Stone said there are a few left if anyone wants to contribute to a good cause. Stone said that, considering this was the first year of the run, combined with the weather, the event was a success. Some participants couldn't make it because they were stranded by the storm. Many participants said they would do it again next year and that they would bring friends with them.