Grandmother Gets Custody of Alleged Burglar

NEWPORT CITY – Travis Parenteau, 29, of Newport, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges of burglary, violation of conditions of release and driving with a suspended license.Judge Robert Bent placed Parenteau essentially under 24/7 house arrest in the custody of his grandmother. He can only leave the house in her company or to attend counseling. Parenteau's charge of violating conditions of release stemmed from him allegedly failing to abide by a similar order.The defense hoped Bent would release Parenteau into the custody of his father. However, Sarah Baker, from the State’s Attorney's Office, argued that Parenteau’s father has a criminal record. Parenteau’s attorney Trudy Miller fired back saying the oldest charge was 10 years old. However, Bent didn’t buy the argument. Bent told Parenteau's grandmother very clearly that if Parenteau violates his conditions she must call the police even if it means getting him in trouble.Dec. 5, Trooper Callie Field responded to an apartment on Harrison Avenue in Barton for a report of a burglary. Upon her arrival, John Moore-Lamphere stated that Amy Frost and Parenteau had broken into his apartment and stolen a number of items, including dishes and food. Moore-Lamphere was not present at the time of the break-in. A witness, Timothy Roberts, who lived upstairs, observed Frost and Parenteau carrying items out of the residence. He also noticed that some of his own items were missing, including coins and CDs.Court records state that someone cracked the door casing to the Moore-Lamphere apartment when they used a tool to pry open the door.Later, while parked by Frost's apartment, Trooper Callie Field observed Parenteau exit the Frost residence from the back. Parenteau, who had a 24-hour curfew on another case, was arrested for violating his conditions of release. Parenteau told Field he had been living with Frost since December 2. Field along with Probation Officer Art Gibney and Charlene Cook went to Frost’s apartment. Field said Frost acted as if she had no idea what was going on and showed them a red trash can in her kitchen and food in the freezer. Field took the food to Danielle Bernardini who claimed the items belonged to her. Police also found some DVDs in Frost’s basement that had Roberts initials on them.In a separate case, Parenteau entered a not guilty plea to operating a vehicle with a suspended license on April 10, 2011 in Newport.