Hospital “legends” help raise scholarships

NEWPORT CITY – Two long time medical care providers from North Country Hospital are the first named legends in the hospital’s Legend’s Scholarship. On Thursday, North Country Hospital officials unveiled a display depicting Dr. David Alsobrook and Cecile (Cece) Gilineau, a registered nurse. The display is in the main lobby. Hospital personnel hope to have more legends at some point.“It might be a couple years before we get another legend or it might be this year,” said Wendy Franklin, Director of Development at North Country Hospital. The idea of the Legend Scholarship started when hospital staff started to discuss how to honor Gilineau for her 40-year stint at the hospital. Gilineau, who doesn’t like attention, rejected the idea, but said she liked to help students and suggested having a universal scholarship with no name attached. “We’re in the poorest county in the state,” Gilineau said. “We have to promote their (the kids) continuing education. Maybe some of them will come and some of them might not.”Alsobrook, who works in the sleep lab, called being named a legend and having his picture posted in the lobby “an honor.” “Not many people get this,” he said. “I am flattered people thought this was appropriate.” However, Alsobrook said he is not sure why he was chosen as a candidate as the hospital has many good employees.Claudio Fort, president and CEO of North Country Hospital, said Gilineau and Alsobrook are stellar clinicians who are dedicated and work hard to better their skills as well as those of their colleagues.The hospital established the Legend Scholarship last year and is open for donations at anytime. Thus far, the hospital has raised $11,000 and has given away one scholarship. The recipient, Britney Meunier, is the daughter of Kelley Meunier who works in the hospital’s billing department. “That was a really nice connection,” said Franklin.The scholarship is $500 a year as long as the recipient is in college.