DERBY – Derby Select Board member Karen Jenne has taken out petitions for Derby  Clerk, town treasurer, and school treasurer. She has also taken petitions out for the Derby select board for both two- and three-year terms. Jenne’s seat on the board is up for grabs at Town Meeting in March. However Jenne is keeping a tight lid on which petition she is circulating for signatures. She says she will make a public announcement soon. The deadline for filing is January 28 and 30 signatures from registered voters are required.Some controversy erupted in town when former Derby Clerk and Treasurer Nicole Daigle found a new full-time job. She had lost the election for her other job as delinquent tax collector, a $30,000-plus a year position. Daigle said she didn’t want to have to go through elections again. She decided to pick a person to train for the town clerk and treasurer position to take over when she left. Daigle chose Faye Morin who is now serving. Some in the community did not think it was fair that Daigle brought in who she wanted, without advertising the position, and called for an election. The only person who ran was Morin. Jenne said she had not decided if she wanted to run for the position or not. But several people including Vicky Farrand-Lewis said that the democratic way is to have an election.Jenne has served on the select board for many years and had beat out the incumbent when she ran for the position. She is also the Derby Line Village Clerk, treasurer, and delinquent tax collector, a part-time position which is up for grabs in April. Jenne is undecided if she will seek the position again. She is also the Village of Derby Center assistant clerk.  Another issue, which created far more heat in the town, was wind turbines. When two farmers just east of Derby Line wanted to install industrial-size turbines, upwards of 400 feet, on their property, it caused wide spread contention. The projects seem to be on hold for now, but discussions over wind turbines continue. Jenne was a strong critic of turbines. Grant Spates was a strong advocate. Spates is also seeking a position on the select board. His petition, as well as that of Bob Ovitt, is available at the town clerk’s office. Others people may be circulating petitions for the positions available as well, but they have not gone public yet.