Jenne Keeps JP Seat by 1 Vote - Derby Town Clerk Vote Today

DERBY – The Derby Town’s Clerk’s office is hopping with activity. Election officials were busy counting ballots for the general election, and then a recount was requested in the Justice of the Peace Race. Today there is a special election for the town clerk and treasurer position; so more ballots to count.Typically the Justice of the Peace race is a quiet one with just enough people seeking the positions, or sometimes not enough. But this year 15 people sought the 12 positions. Maureen Fountain ran but did not have enough votes to win, falling short by only three. Karen Jenne was the 12th one to make it. Fountain requested a recount because of how close the race was and because of the potential for human error.The results from the general election were Fountain 895 and Jenne with 898. After the recount, Jenne kept the position, but this time only by one vote. The recount had Jenne with 901 to Fountain’s 900.Over the last year, Fountain took a keen interest in town happenings and enjoys begin involved. It is the first position for which she has run.Unless there is a write-in campaign, interim Derby Town Clerk and Treasurer Faye Morin will remain in the position until elections in March. She was the only person to turn in a petition for the special election called for by Derby residents.Many community members were upset when former Derby Clerk and Treasurer Nicole Daigle resigned and trained Morin to serve the remainder of her term until the election at Town Meeting in March. When Daigle found a new job, she decided to bring in Morin and train her. Daigle said she had Morin’s resume on file and thought she was best suited to take over the position when she left. A petition calling for a special election to fill the office circulated and enough signatures were collected. Several said holding an election is appropriate for the Democratic process.Jenne had said she was considering running, but then she said that she is seriously contemplating running in March during Town Meeting instead. She said she has heard some say they will write her name in for this special election, and if she won she would have to decide what to do, since she serves as the clerk for Derby Line Village and time management and conflict of interest concerns would arise.