DERBY CENTER - The North Country Union Junior High School's finalized budget will increase 5.87% in fiscal year 2014 if approved by voters in the district on Town Meeting Day. North Country Supervisory Union Business Manager Glenn Hankinson provided the junior high school board with a break down in revenues and expenses to demonstrate how he arrived at the bottom line. This is the third time the full board has reviewed the numbers. The board sent the first draft back with a directive to Hankinson to keep the increase below 6%.The increase in expenses was offset by increased revenues to arrive at the final figures. Tax revenues will increase 9.75% or $328,960, providing the biggest bump, but is offset in part by a decline in the number of students who pay tuition to the school. In the current school year, the junior high has 46 students who pay tuition, that number is expected to decline to 32 students next fiscal year. Consequently, Hankinson calculates tuition revenue will decline by $91,200. Overall student enrollment is expected to drop from 295 to 268 students next fiscal year.For more of this story, see Thursday's Newport Daily Express for Jan. 24, 2013.