ORLEANS – The Lake Region Union High School Board recently tackled the issues of students dropping out of school and/or not finishing their graduation requirements. Some seniors are struggling to graduate despite having good grades during their high school years, while others just give up. Principal Andre Messier said a lot of people at the school are doing “whatever we can” to get them to graduate.“We will send certified letter after letter to the parents so they know what's going on,” stated Messier. “In some cases there is not much parental support. We try to relay to the parent and student the importance that there is no wiggle room left; if you don't complete the requirements, you won't be able to graduate.”“Some students are behind in credits, and to some degree there should be an indication where the problem areas are,” noted board member Mike Sanville. “I wonder if these seniors are engaged after June 9th. Do they have no sense of direction or long term vision?”For more of this story, see Friday's edition of The Newport Daily Express for April 19, 2013.