LOWELL - Two vehicles were totaled and several people received relatively minor injuries when the Mines Road between Lowell and Eden, VT, unexpectedly washed out in front of them.Angel Richardson, 40, and Brian Richardson, 39, both of Lowell, were in separate vehicles when the accident occurred. A teenager in Angel Richardson's vehicle sustained a broken arm.The vehicles were headed north on the Mines Road just before 3 AM. Police reported that there had been heavy rains in the area and, as a result, water runoff from the mountains caused a large culvert to wash out. The entire roadway, north and south bound lanes, gave out, leaving a 10-25 foot deep hole, about 30 feet across, just north of the Eden Town Line.For more of this story, see page 5 of Monday's edition of The Newport Daily Express for April 22, 2013.