LTE- Derby Center Village Trustees on Proposed Water Tower

Staff Writer

To the Editor:
The whole story should be told in order for the voters to make an educated vote.
YES – the City owns the hydrants, just as the Town of Derby owns their hydrants. The Town also pays a “rent” on theirs. The “rent” is for water that is used from them to flush the hydrants, so the rent fee covers the cost of the water. The water is not metered. If the City had a big fire the Village could provide the needed water – FREE. There is a bypass valve in the meter vault. When there is a call for a large amount of water that valve would open and bypass the meter. The City would have the water free. The water line is a 12” line, not 12’ as stated in the article.
The Village Trustees are open to answering any questions concerning our water system. (Read the full story in the Express on Monday)

Rosaire Fortin
William Jenne
Stephen Mengel
Board of Trustees