Lyndon Tops Lake Region in Division II Quarter-finals

LYNDON–Lake Region's Matt Messier and Lyndon Institute's Davis Guyer engaged in a lengthy pitcher's duel on Friday, and in the end it would be the senior Guyer winning the battle, leading his team to a 4-1 win over the Rangers in the Division II baseball quarter-finals."Going into the game was that we knew what we were facing," said LI coach Justin Smith. "(Matt) is a quality kid on the mound, and when you are facing kids like that you have to work counts, extend the pitch count and we were pretty successful getting his pitch count up, and I felt as the day went on he continued to climb up in the zone and we were able to take advantage of a couple things that went our way.""I saw a team that can be fundamentally sound and we can make sure we are still in the ball game and we keep fighting. That is one thing you can't teach people. If they have it within it is going to help them the rest of their lives," LR coach Eric Degre said about the boys on his ballclub.For the full story, see the Express on 6-9-14.