Mike's Top Three From the Week That Was. 10/6/15 Edition.

North Country captains Katelynn Briere and Michaela Columbia. Photo Mike Olmstead
Mike Olmstead
Sports Editor

Hi Gang,
We had some technical issues yesterday, but I am back with my three things that have had me thinking.
1. ACL/MCL injuries in high school sports seems to be becoming an epidemic. It seems that every season at least one or two players from a couple of our area schools goes down with one of these injuries. The most recent victim, NCU's Dehlia Wright, lost the bulk of her soccer season after sustaining this injury in late September, and she will spend her snowboarding season rehabbing in order to hopefully be ready for spring soccer.
Maybe it is just me, but this seems to happen way more frequently than it did when I was playing 20 years ago.
2. Well the Cubs are in the playoffs.
But so is 3/5th of NL Central.
Will they make it to the World Series? I don't think so, but hey, nobody thought the Red Sox were going to win in 2013, so you never know.
3. Two mores days until Hockey Season!!!!
'Nuff said.
That is all for this week, see you all at the fields.