Mike's Top Three From the Week That Was. 11/9/15 Edition.

Mike Olmstead
Sports Editor

Hi gang,
It has been a couple weeks, but I am back. Here is what I have been thinking of over the last couple of weeks.
1. The fall sports season, minus the New England Cross Country Meet, has come to an end. there were some highs (Lake Region's boys 16-1 season) and some lows (Injuries ruining the North Country soccer girls' potentially awesome season), but all in all it was pretty good.
2. The Patriots "Kill Them All" Season continues to go well, as they are sitting at 8-0 on the year. Hopefully Deon Lewis and Sebastian Vollmer's injuries are not too serious and they will be ready for the Giants in Week 10.
3. And how about those Canadiens? Even with Carey Price injured for the last week, the Habs have found a way to stay atop the Eastern Conference. Got to love what I am seeing from the rouge, blanc et bleu. Side note, bummer to hear about rookie sensation Connor McDavid's broken clavicle. He was really starting to find his stride, and now he is on the shelf for 2-3 months, maybe more.
That is it for me this week, I will see you all next time.