M&M’s, Paul Harvey and the Rest of the Super Bowl Spots

As I was watching all of the commercials during this year's Super Bowl, I was thinking there were not that many that completely wowed me. But there were a few that stood out this year, not necessarily because they were really funny, but because they were well put together and delivered a great message.I sat with a notebook in hand, viewing every single ad, and here is my take on the 2013 commercial spots.First let's look at the ones that would fall into the serious, think-piece category.I thought the USO/Jeep one with Oprah, and the Paul Harvey "God Made a Farmer" piece for Dodge, both Chrysler companies, stood head and shoulders above the rest.Jeep's message, while tying in the long history the company has with the US Military, really drove home a strong message about our returning troops, and their importance to our country.Paul Harvey's words, along with the images used in the Dodge commercial, were a perfect fit, reminding folks in urban areas what a farmer's life is really like. Those of us in rural Vermont know all too well the trials and tribulations of the farming lifestyle.On to the other commercials, the ones that everybody was waiting for, the comedy pieces, and I will go by the order in which they appeared.The first one that I thought was pretty good was M&M's "I would do anything for love, but I won't do that." It answered some of the questions about what exactly happens when our candy-coated friends leave with their suitors.Hyundai's football team was great, especially when you see where the kid recruits his team from.The Doritos Goat was alright, the end makes it when you see the sign the guy is making.Amy Poehler asking the Best Buy guy to read “50 Shades of Grey” was classic Poehler, dry yet spry.The Oreo Library was good because they kept up the whispering throughout the entire piece.The Big Bang promo with Leonard wearing his cup on the outside was brief and did a great job illustrating the nature of the show.Bud Light's voodoo ads were a nice compliment to their "Superstition" series that has ran all season long.At first I did not like the VW jamaican ad, but it grew on me as it ran. Actually at first, I thought it was going to be for Red Stripe beer, but nope, it was for a car.The old people party for Taco Bell ran a little long, but it was funny to see the old guy get Goldberg tattooed across his back.During halftime I thought it was too bad that WCAX's spots had such terrible audio, but the Green Mountain Coffee piece was all right.With the power outage, I am sure that threw the schedule into a bit of disarray, with only the voodoo ad part 2 and the E-trade baby making my list as notable.In the second half, once they resumed play, the Subway out takes, the Axe ad and Tracy Morgan for Mio bits were all right.I liked David Letterman's spot with Andrew Luck and the kid. It was an easy pairing as Dave is an Indiana sports fan and native.I am surprised it took as long as did for Gangnam Style to appear, but there was Psy shilling for Pistachios.Speed Stick and the raising of the Budweiser Clydesdale closed out the third quarter on a good note.In the fourth, Tide's salsa Montana splattering and the subsequent jersey washing was great, as was the Seth Rogan/Paul Rudd “Next Big Thing” for Samsung.For the record, watching Bar Refaeli kissing the "brains" behind Go Daddy was not that bad if you completely discount the horrible sound of poorly executed smooching that made both me and my wife want to retch.Other ads that were not that great in my opinion include, the new Bud Black, or Gold or whatever it is, and that stupid Coca-Cola race thing. The Rock's Milk spot would have been better if he would have gone out and did all the things he passed by during his quest for the dairy product.Speaking of the Rock, the movie trailers that I liked the best were; Fast and the Furious Six, which is surprising since I have not seen 2-5.Disney's new Oz film is one I have been following for a few months, so that was not a surprise, but still good. The new Star Trek movie looks entertaining, as does Iron Man 3.If you have any opinions on the Super Bowl ads, email them to me at sports@newportvermontdailyexpress.com with the phrase Super Bowl Ads in the subject line and I will run them in this Friday's Express.