DERBY - In an impromptu election that could only be called a slam dunk, Faye Morin was officially elected Derby Town Clerk Tuesday night, at least until Town Meeting Day in March.Morin was unofficially appointed by outgoing town clerk Nicole Daigle when Daigle left to take another job. Even though the board had no problem with Morin, discontent over the way Morin got the position lead some residents to petition for an election. Speculation was that Village Clerk Karen Jenne, who sits on the Derby Town Select Board and has had several issues with the way board chairman Brian Smith conducts business, would run for the slot. But Jenne declined, saying she is considering a run in March.Once the petition was filed for an election and a vote was called, the town was bound to proceed even though Morin was not challenged. Ten voters wrote in Jenne’s name nonetheless, to 357 for Morin. Interestingly, Morin only got 356 (one less) for town treasurer, a position that is often held concurrently with the town clerk’s job.About 40 write in votes each were spread between Jenne, Assistant Town Clerk Mary Ann Tetreault, and outgoing Nicole Daigle, for the positions.Tetreault became the subject of controversy when she beat Daigle for the position of tax collector at the 2012 Town Meeting and Daigle subsequently cut Tetreault’s hours. Daigle has stated that the reduction in hours was due to workload and not retaliation for March election.Turnout was not surprisingly low and is expected to cost the town just shy of $1200, according to Smith.