NCUHS Girls’ Golf Opening Week

The girls’ golf team had it opening tournament at the Barre Country Club on Monday April 30. The team was represented by freshman Michele Fenimore and returning junior Allison Greenwood. Greenwood is a well know golfing name in the area, and Michele is the granddaughter of Reg Rhodes, another respected (think dedicated) player of the game. Both girls shot in the low 70’s for the nine hole tournament. They did report that when they were in bunkers, their sand shots got them out with no trouble. And Allison learned that a golf ball will actually skip through a water hazard. On Thursday May 3rd, the NCUHS girls’ golf team, represented by Paige Gagnon and Michele Fenimore, traveled to the hill country of St. Johnsbury. Six schools participated in the event. Paige is new to the sport but managed to navigate around the damp and undulating course without losing a ball. We have to count that as a success. Her best hole was on the 6th, par 3 hole, where she shot one over. This hole is all up hill and difficult to par. Local golfers familiar with the terrain of St Jay CC can appreciate the difficulty of walking and playing this course. Coach Hampton said, “For such young players, they did the best they could”.Next up is a trip to So. Burlington on the Wednesday the 9th.