New Dugouts for NCHUS Soccer

If you have driven by the NCUHS Varsity soccer field recently, you may have seen the new soccer dug-outs! The previous shelters had served their purpose well, and after almost 20 years the time had come to replace them. Rather than spend money on dug-outs of the same collapsible design, the decision was made to put the same money into permanent sheds. Gone are the days are setting up and breaking down the old structures, while the safety component of not having to move the solid but very heavy roof, will be well appreciated. Like a good soccer team, this was a team effort, and a huge thank-you goes out to the following people and organizations: Mayor Paul Monette and the Newport City Council (permission to build and erect permanent dug-outs), Andy Cappello, Reg Shafe and the Newport City Recreation Department (support of the project), Athletic Director Mike Kiser ( project and financial support), Tom Rooney and his Building Trades students (building the dug-outs for just the material cost, making the project possible), Head of Maintenance Ron Chaffee (acquiring the paint), Marc and Alex Sicotte (site prep), Steve Ellis and Josh Bergeron from Ray’s Auto (transportation of the units from the Land-Lab), Jaime McKenny (interior painting) and Peter Alexander (project organizer). On a rainy (or snowy day), the players, coaches, managers, etc will be very appreciative of having a place where they can all get out of the inclement weather, as well as the room for the teams to store their gear for both match play and practices as well. What can only be interpreted as a sign of good-luck for future matches, an old horseshoe was found during the site prep, and the lucky symbol will hang above the home dug-out after it gets cleaned up! We hope that you all can come out and watch a soccer match in the fall. Go NCU soccer!