New Year’s Rocks at IROC

DERBY, VT - Well over 600 revelers from all over Orleans and northern Essex County participated in IROC’s 6th Annual New Year’s Eve Bash with fun and games throughout the afternoon and evening. Mark Shelton and his Captain Radical Pirate Show highlighted the event.We brought the arcade and the ping pong, pool, and air hockey tables down to the main floor and Wilson’s Entertainment provided play without charge for the entire day and night. They were busy as were the bounce houses and the water slide.Families were at the door at 1:00 p.m. to take advantage of the extended hours of the Bash and the water slide was quickly filled with sliders and stayed that way, except when it was turned off to allow for treasure hunts and other games. We wanted to start early so that families that don’t like to be out on the roads at night on New Year’s Eve could join the fun.There was sword play and a great Captain Radical Pirate Show donated by Mark Shelton in support of IROC. Volunteers Dave Bennett DJ’d the rest of the evening and Donna Bennett organized four tournaments - air hockey, ping pong, pool, and a basketball free throw contest that continued informally throughout the night even though the winners had already been selected and the prizes and medals handed out.The roller derby demonstration by Poison Apple and her crew drew three new recruits and generated some real excitement in the next generation of roller derby enthusiasts. Roller blading continued all afternoon and evening in a designated area but broke out throughout the arena as the lights dimmed, the glow sticks came out and we prepared for the 10 o’clock celebration of New Year’s in Greenland.Special thanks to the North Country High School wrestlers for watching the bounce houses, helping with the tournaments, and taking turns as our parrot and elephant. They really got into the party spirit. Not many could resist the chance to dance with a parrot and an elephant. The staff at IROC got into the fun and volunteers like Lee and Randy Tenney, Deb Vacca and more put in days of hard work to organize and support the Bash.Special thanks also to the City of Newport, the towns of Derby and Coventry and the law firm of Wilson & White, PC for sponsoring the event so that it could be free and open for all.