Newport Golfers Win Two Out Of Three Divisions on NEK Jr. Tour

ORLEANS–The NEK Junior Golf Tour opened play at the Orleans Country Club on Wednesday afternoon.The day began with a one hour golf clinic at noon before tournament play got underway at 1:00, followed by lunch and prizes after.The twenty-one participants were divided into three groups, boys 8-11 and 12-15, and girls division that had players ranging in age from 11-14.Here are the results and club affiliations of the players from the first stop of the tour.Boys 8-11:Nelson Eaton 47 (St.JCC), Connor Thompson 66 (OCC), Jaden Dagesse 69 (OCC). There was no score for Hunter Currier (OCC), Hunter Poirier (OCC) and Austin Giroux (NCC).Boys 12-15:Tyler Smith 45 (NCC), Alex Giroux 46 (NCC), Connor Fletcher 47 (OCC), Dawson Oliver 52 (NCC), Chad Dupuis (NCC), Mason Robinson (OCC) 53, Trevor Brown 56 (NCC), Brandon Brill 59 (OCC), Kaleb Rogers 61 (OCC), Trevor Neal 68 (OCC).Girls 11-14:Katie Goulet 45 (NCC), Carley Giroux 53 (NCC), Lauryn Goulet 63 (NCC), Grace Giroux (NCC), Becky Doucet (OCC) 72.Next up for the kids is a stop at the Newport Country Club on July 18th.Tee-time is 1:00.