DERBY – The Town of Derby has no Town Clerk. Former Town Clerk, Treasurer, and Derby School Treasurer Nicole Daigle finally resigned Sept. 30, and the Derby Select Board met Monday evening to try and appoint Faye Morin to the position, but the motion died, leaving the position vacant. Select board members Karen Jenne and Beula Jean Shattuck abstained from the vote. Jenne said she did not think the situation regarding the town clerk’s office was handled appropriately. When Daigle told the select board that she had found a new job, she also decided on her replacement, Faye Morin, and stayed on in order to train her. Jenne said that, after speaking with some one from the League of Cities and Towns, her understanding of the state statutes is that a town clerk cannot appoint his or her successor. Jenne said Derby is an equal opportunity employer and she is concerned that the position was not advertised.Select board member Steve Gendreau made the motion Monday to appoint Morin as the interim clerk and treasurer, but board member Laura Dolgin was absent for the vote. A special meeting is called for Thursday evening to again try and appoint someone. Board chairman Brian Smith said Tuesday that a disservice was done to the town by not appointing someone for the open position. Meanwhile, Jenne said enough petition signatures were collected to call for a special election for the position. The earliest the election by Australian ballot could occur is early December. Jenne also said she is considering running for the position. Besides serving on the Derby Select Board, Jenne is the Village Clerk, Treasurer, and Delinquent Tax Collector for Derby Line, a part time position. She is up for re-election in April and she is undecided if she will seek re-election.She is also Assistant Clerk for the Village of Derby Center. Jenne is looking into any conflicts with her current positions should she decide to run for Derby Town Clerk..