Persis says goodbye to NEK

NEWPORT - Longtime local music teacher Persis Ensor is moving. After more than 13 years of teaching students, she is heading to New Hampshire this summer to live closer to her grandchildren, whom she misses. She will miss her Northeast Kingdom students, but says they will be fine without her. “I love the Northeast Kingdom but I’m drawn to be with my grandkids.”Ensor will continue teaching music in New Hampshire.Angus Gluck, one of Ensor's long-time students, performed at the Goodrich Memorial Library Saturday. Ensor has worked with Gluck for 13 years. Gluck played a variety of songs with Sally Rivard on cello and his mom, Janice Gluck, on piano.“I would like to thank Persis Ensor for being a strong teacher and mentor to me for the past 13 years. She has pushed me when I needed it and made me a better musician, even against my best efforts at times. I will miss her dearly when she moves and I hope my next instructor can offer me the same kind of love and care that she has," Gluck said.Gluck is a 2012 graduate of Lake Region High School and is planning to take some time off before heading to school at Castleton State College for Music.